Discover the truth

Project : Cyborg

You wake up as a Cyborg in a scientific laboratory. Not knowing anything about yourself and
the place where you are, you will decide to explore the laboratory in order to find the truth.

When we thought about making Project : Cyborg, we wanted to make the player feel unpleasant and oppressed by his environment. So we built a dark and narrow level. The problem was to keep the dynamic gameplay even with a narrow level, so the oppressing feeling of the player would disappear by killing enemies and using the powerful skills of the cyborg. We decided to make large rooms for fighting and dark-narrowed rooms in between important fights to keep this unpleasant feeling of being in an unknown environment.

After this, the main problem was to run at 60 FPS on Xbox One. We had only 2 GO of memory avalaible. So we dont have a single dynamic light in the game, everything is baked at an optimal quality so baked lighting doesnt take too much memory and enhance the environment. We used mobile shader for every materials of the game and occlusion culling for disabling rendering of everything that is not seen by the player. So we did gain a lot of framerate.